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  • Adam Marshall

    Adam is a freshmen at Orion High School. He also is part of the Mathletes. 3 things: 1). Adam plays guitar in his local garage band, "Suicidal Martyr". 2). He carries a green leatherbound notebook everywhere. 3). Adam has a twin sister, …

  • Mia Chambers

    Mia is a freshman student at Orion High School and is also in the Mathletes. Three things: 1). Mia plays the violin and reads poetry on Thursdays at the Moon Brew, the local coffee shop. 2). Mia has gotten straight A's since Junior High. 3 …

  • Sam Preston

    Three things: 1). Sam runs "The Obsidian Daggers" a local DnD group. 2). Sam is in mathletes. 3). Sam is the Alpha in his little circle. Big fish, little pond. Theme Song: "Best Game Ever" by Mikey Mason

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