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  • Lisa Jennings

    Lisa is a freshman at Orion High School. 3 things: 1). Lisa joined choir and is in the Catholic Youth group. 2). Lisa's dad is the sheriff of the local police department. 3). Lisa enjoys classic rock music. Her father has old vinyls that …

  • Billy Carter

    Billy is a freshman at Orion and is in Choir. 1). Billy joined the choir as his mom was deeply Catholic before she passed away. 2). Billy has a special needs brother, Thomas that is not a part of Orion High. 3). Billy works at the local hobby …

  • Giselle O'Leary

    Three things: 1). Giselle's brother is the lead singer for "Death Rattle", a top Portland Heavy Metal Band. 2). Giselle doesn't seem to make friends too easy. 3). Giselle has a motorcycle that she sometimes breaks out, even though she doesn't …

  • Zeus Lattimore

    Three things: 1). Zeus is a starting linebacker on the Varsity Football team. 2). Zeus father is a pastor in school. 3). Zeus joined choir as a compromise to his dad for playing football. Entrance Song: "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC

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