Monsterhearts - Orion High

Episode 1: Genesis

Opening Scene

The camera sits behind two figures in a car. Neither one’s face is revealed. The car passes a sign that reads “Orion, OR: Home of the Fighting Owls” Underneath it reads Class A State Football champions ’09, 10 & 12 and Womens basketball Class A Champions 1994. Population: 135,000.

“This is the place?” the passenger asks, clearly a woman’s voice. The man in the driver’s seat grumbles an affirmative. “What makes this place so special?” the passenger asks, long light blonde hair flowing into camera as she turns to look out the window at the “Ohachee State Park” per the sign. Tall cedar reach up over 100 feet to the right side of the road.

“That’s what we’re here to find out.” The driver says with authority, “too many occurences to be a coincidence.”

The screen fades to black. In white bold letters the words: Orion High School appears then fade, replaced by Episode 1: Genesis.

Stefan: The alarm clock starts playing Charlie Daniel’s “Devil went Down to Georgia” cranked to 11. You have grown accustomed to these “Demon Pranks” but as you grogily shut it off you can hear your mother yelling at you to turn that damn radio off.

“Don’t want to be late for your first day, do you?” a gravely voice in your head whispers then chuckles, which is a most disconcerting sound. “I know I’m excited,” it adds as it fades back into the background.

Stefan and his mom get in an argument as she throws a poptart at him.

Jennifer: You’ve been awake a while, staring at the sleeping form of James Reid, your “Uncle”. He’s passed out on the couch in his underwear, a pile of beer cans on the floor next to his badge & revolver. His eyes flutter open and he jumps back, hand going to his side where his gun would normally be. “Jesus Christ, Jennifer! What izit? Do you need something?” he asks as he sits up, stretching his muscular arms above his head.

Dillon: You wake up completely naked on the floor of your room in the fetal position. As you scan around, you note the open window and that reminds you that last night was a full moon. A small amount of dried blood is under your fingernails. A knock on your door startles you as you turn, “I’m leaving in 15 mins.” your sister says through the door, “With or without you, Dillon.” You excavate yourself from the floor, wondering if you still have shoes….

Zachariah: Sunlight cruelly pierces the one small spot where the blinds are open a half inch, bathing half your face in sunlight, and the rest in darkness. You walk downstairs. A woman in her mid fifties is busy cooking pancakes. “New day, new start!” she says with a smile. Ms. Turner has been inviting and she has made this house your home as much as anyplace can be.

Victoria: You kick open the door to see a hydra. You pull your sword and shield and yell a battlecry as you charge the hydra, and then you wake up. Your brother yells, “Don’t be late!” through the door.

Everyone gets to homeroom on time. Seating is assigned. Mr. Bonifield explains he’s giving some leeway so that the kids can talk during homeroom.
*Billy and Stefan come to an agreement regarding the cut weed.
*Tiffany gives Dillon and string for agreeing to come to her first basketball game on Thursday.
*John gets Jennifer’s number.
*Mia convinces Victoria to join Mathletes.
*Adam has Lisa shut him down about asking her brother to come to The Daily Grind.
*Lisa confirms Zachariah is joining choir.
*Victoria gives the cold shoulder to Sam and Billy, wanting a fresh chance to get popular.
*Veronica fails to catch Dillon staring at her.

As the group leaves to head for 2nd period the following students find themselves in the same electives.

*Giselle is in Health Ed with Dillon. Dillon scores some points saying he could probably teach the course. Giselle says she wanted to get the BS out of the way early.

*Cassidy is in Driver’s Ed with Jennifer. Cassidy is in Driver’s ed so she can get her liscense early so she can drive Veronica around. Cassidy lets slip that she wanted to go out for cheerleading, but Veronica said it was a terrible idea. Jennifer convinces Cassidy to try out for Cheerleading with her. Cassidy agrees, on the condition that Jennifer is the one to tell Veronica.

*Zachariah is in Symphony band with Adam and Lisa. Zachariah crushes Evan at Harp and gets first chair.

*Stefan is in shop with Amara.

*Victoria is in French class with Todd Jennings. Todd flusters Victoria into getting her number.

*At lunch, Jennifer Matthews decides to sit with Veronica and Cassidy and Veronica’s Clique. After being asked what she was doing, the whole cafeteria seems to stop and watch. Veronica plays nice with Jennifer and agrees that they’re friends.

*Stefan gets Mark Johnson suspended for weed, opening a spot up on the varsity team.

*Dillon tries out for the football team. He is really good and John and Stefan talk about trying to get him on the varsity team.

*Stefan speaks with Danielle, Dillon’s sister. He seems to make an impression.

*In an attempt to save Sam from looking like a fool, Victoria agrees to go to homecoming with him. Sam agrees to play it on the DL.

*In Choir, Zachariah meets a singing equal in Zeus.

*In Cheerleading, Jennifer Matthews meets John’s sister Jennifer Salazar, along with team captain Charity.

*It turns out that Todd Jennings is throwing a party after Friday’s game. This leads to a flurry of activity.

*Lisa invites the entire choir team to the basement to sing/party, including Zachariah.
*Stefan asks Amara to the party. She agrees on two conditions. 1. Stefan sign her petition to get a dance team added to the list of extra curriculars. 2. Stefan agree to see her band, Suicidal Martyr at the Daily Grind on Saturday. Stefan agrees.

*Todd invites Victoria to the party.
*John invites Jennifer to the party.

*On the way home through the forest, Sam and Victoria come across a man dying, pierced with tree branches. Sam faints. As Victoria catches Sam, the man frantically tries to hand her these glowing green chains. She takes them and the man smiles and dies, slowly turning to ash.

*At the same time, Stefan gets a screaming headache. “Something very good has happened Stefan, and that’s very bad. I’m afraid our timetable has been cut short. I need a body.” Once Stefan finds out he only needs ingredients, he agrees, saying that the two are square. “Agreed.” an angry Azazel says.

*Stefan and Bobby Bob sneak over to Preston and steal one of the goats from a rival player.

*Stefan convinces Billy to ask Lisa to homecoming as Billy indicates Sam is being smug about having a date.

*Dillon sandbags football to ensure he stays at the JV level for a while with Mr. Reid.

The show ends with Dillon’s theme song playing as he takes the field after an inspired speech by Mr. Reid. He puts a kid in the hospital as Danielle, who snuck to the game to watch Stefan says “Holy Shit!”

End of Episode 1



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