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  • John Salazar

    John Salazar is starting his freshman year at Orion High School. He's gone out for the Varsity football team. 3 things: 1). John is the 2nd oldest of five children. On weekends he works at his families restaurant, Quetzel's. 2). John has been …

  • Stefan Worthington

    Strings: Stefan has 1 string on Jennifer. Stefan has 2 strings on Dylan. Jennifer has 1 string on Stefan. Zachariah has 1 string on Stefan. Giselle has 2 strings on Stefan. Azazel has 1 string on Stefan. Stefan's father is the president of the …

  • Todd Jennings

    Todd's a Junior at Orion High School. 3 Things 1). Todd's dad is the Sheriff in Orion. 2). Last year as a sophmore, Todd helped Orion win the State Championship in football. 3). Todd is student council president at Orion. Entrance …

  • Zeus Lattimore

    Three things: 1). Zeus is a starting linebacker on the Varsity Football team. 2). Zeus father is a pastor in school. 3). Zeus joined choir as a compromise to his dad for playing football. Entrance Song: "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC

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